Non-clinical assessment with member of staff to discuss options Free

* New Patient consultation with clinician (including all necessary records)

* This is refunded if patients go ahead with treatment within 1 month of consultation.

 (A non-refundable deposit may be requested to schedule an appointment)


Clinical review with clinician (including all necessary records) £75
Follow-up, e.g. broken/lost retainer, implant problem (treatment cost additional), routine examination £40
CT scan £175
Orthodontic Treatment - Braces Lite.
Braces Lite is orthodontics for just six front teeth only. We use scaled-down versions of our main treatments to give us maximum control of tooth movement.


Fixed appliance Lite £1,750 
Invisalign Lite £3,500 
 Invisalign Express £2,250 
Incognito (tongue side braces) Lite £3,000 
All options include Removable retainers and 12 months supervision of retention.  (bonded rets extra £150 each)  
Braces lite is not always possible for all patients. Sometimes we can't get front teeth straight without involving back teeth or extractions. Sometimes we can line up one jaw without moving a tooth in the other jaw out of the way. Our orthodontists will give patients all their choices when they come for consultation.


Orthodontic Treatment - comprehensive options
Fixed appliance train track (mild case)

£2,300 / £3,300

Fixed labial appliances

£2,850 / £3,850

( One arch / Both arches )

Choice of any bracket system (excluding Lingual)  
Permanent & removable retainers  
Includes 12 months of retention  
Fixed lingual appliances

£4,500 / £6,000

( One arch / Both arches )

Lingual (Incognito) brackets  
Upper lingual / lower labial


Lingual (Incognito) brackets & labial brackets (patients choice)  
Invisalign £4,800
A series of removable plastic aligners changed by the patient every 2 weeks to slowly move the teeth into a more desirable position  
 All brace options include fixed and removable retainers and 12 months supervision of retention.
Note: check out our braces lite options!
Ceramic braces £250

Additional per arch

Replacement Retainers
Removable retainer (each) £80
Bonded retainer (each) £150
Removal of old bonded retainer £150
Bonded-retainer repair (per tooth) £30
One colour £50
Two or more colours £60
Tooth Whitening
Home use system £350


in combination with brace or implant treatment

Implant Treatment
Please call 0117 974 6550

Our fee policy

All consultation fees, missed appointment fees and fees for repairs/replacements to be paid at the latest on the day of the appointment. A non-refundable deposit may be requested to schedule an appointment.

We request at least 24 working hours' notice for a change of appointment.

You will always receive a written summary of the treatment options we discuss, the likely progress of treatment and the costs of treatment.

In the rare event of changes to a treatment plan, we will keep you fully informed and provide a written summary of any changes, including changes to costs.

We accept all major credit cards (except American Express), debit cards and cash.

Payment Options

  1. 1. One lump-sum payment at the commencement of treatment (credit/debit card or cash).
  2. 2. No deposit and interest free payments for the whole amount over 12 months. (For treatment in excess of £600 and subject to status)
  3. 3. 30% deposit plus interest free payments of the remainder over 24 months. (For treatment in excess of £600 and subject to status) 
  4. 4. No deposit and payments over 24 months with APR of 7.9%. (For treatment in excess of £600 and subject to status) 
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